Publication series — (an)archiving bodies (2022)
A publication series dedicated to unnaming and decategorizing bodily relations, using the practice of (an)archiving. Text and images are presented in an associative and subjective manner, rather than being fully historical, analytical or fixed. it it a counter-object: our re-active response to the definitive (archival) object. The first two editions are centered around the erotic body and the othered body.
Created together with Basia Strzezek.
20×26cm, comcolor, 46 and 56 pages, edition of 3.
Publication — Roving Assemblage: Anything Ghosts — COOP Curating Positions, published by Dutch Art Institute (2021)
A collective score written by the COOP study group Curating Positions: Bodies and Antibodies in Cinema at Dutch Art Institute together with Bulegoa ZB (2021-2022).
21×29cm, riso, 20 pages, edition of 200.
Poster — Cognitive dissonance (2020)
One colour silk screened poster. Etches by J.G. Heck (1795-1857).
Audio piece — Voice synthesis experiment (2022)
An audio piece assembled with my synthetic voice. I trained a small neural network on samples of my singing voice and created this audio piece with the output.
Film and installation — Modes of belonging (2021)
An inquiry into different modes of belonging, told through the experience of the building. Created in collaboration with Luna van Schadewijk.
Interactive mobile browser video — URL/IRL (i remember) (2022)
An autofictional monologue, aimed at blurring the divide between personal data and experiences and general web history. Through the narration, the “web gets a body”; they get to be a person, with history, memories, conflict, contradiction.
Online here (developed only for mobile! it looks terrible on desktop so please don't look).
Live coded audio piece — Their solidity is mere illusion (2020–2021)
A live coded audio piece performed at EYE Filmmuseum in June, 2021.

The project explores the nomadic qualities of language: nomadic in the sense that the recorded voices exhibit no desire for fixity and authority. All demonstrate the in-between-ness of languages. Where is language? Where does it lie in the body? In our mother tongues, our father lands? The words together form rhythmic soundscapes, controlled through code—it takes parts of words, repeats, blends together.

Words by: Ágota Kristóf, Victor Hugo, Emine Özdamar, Trinh T. Minh-hà, Jenny Hval, Google translate and myself.
Publication series — On doing nothing (2022)
Four 2–hour publications, made in collaboration with with Basia Strzezek, Luna van Schadewijk, María Rivero Gonzalez and Samuel Salminen. The fifth publication was created as part of a workshop.
Various sizes, all riso printed, edition of 6.
Posters — A selection of posters made for various programs at Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam (2016-2022)
Publication — Life: a user’s manual by Georges Perec (2020)
A redesign of George Perec's Life: a user's manual, incorporating is rigid writing methodology and his love for rule-breaking.
15×28cm, 318 pages.
Writing — Introduction for Best Dutch Book Designs student selection, in Conversation Snippets (2021)
A short reflection on the power and responsibilities of the jury member.
Platform — Hacking the grocery store (2021, trial version)
Hacking the grocery store is a web-based augmented reality platform which makes use of the existing infrastructure of grocery stores throughout the Netherlands, as a means to exhibit artworks made by young artists. In times of closed galleries, museums and other exhibition spaces—grocery stores have always stayed open, and form a reliable basis for a country-wide exhibition.
Typefaces — Stereo Mono and Dinkus Dingbats(2022)
An italic monospace and a doodle dingbat font (still in development).
Publication — Places, exhausted — Jan Pieter ’t Hart & Smirna Kulenović, published by OUTLINE (2019)
Places, exhausted is a publication containing a conversation in emails between Smirna Kulenović (BH) and Jan-Pieter ’t Hart (NL), written over the course of six months. In their writings they scan, describe and relate to their immediate surroundings and the concept of home, while at the same time trying to make sense of their fragmented exchange of texts. Initiated and published by OUTLINE for Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2019.
15×27cm, 30 pages, edition of 50.
Publication — Er staat niemand achter de bar: 75 jaar Kriterion (2021)
A celebratory zine for the 75th anniversary of student–run cinema Kriterion in Amsterdam.
Printed by Zwaan Lenoir. Design together with Kenneth Geurts, Isis van der Knaap and Anne Schenkels.
17×24cm, 80 pages, edition of 3000. Still available at Kriterion, San Serriffe, Athenaeum and Boekie Woekie.
Installation and publication — (Tracing) choreographies (2020)
(Tracing) choreographies is a project exploring the physical relation between metal and the person bending the metal. The act of bending metal becomes a dance—a choreography: stepping over, under, reaching, bumping into, picking up—bringing the body to its limits. The metal piece that remains is an archive of the dance.
Poster — UNMUTED ‘Can you see my screen?’ — KABK graphic design department exhibits at Het HEM (2021)
Poster based on Safari’s mobile interface. Created for the exhibition UNMUTED 'Can you see my screen?' of the graphic design department of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) at Het Hem in June 2021.
Created together with Petra Erős and Stefaniia Bodnia.
Visual essay — Choreographies II (2021)
A thematic continuation of the (Tracing) choreographies project. Choreographies II is a visual exploration of the similarities between dance and architecture. Two ways of relating to space—a spatial body: one moving, the other static.

Triptych, riso printed on A3 in 7 colours.
Exhibited at het HEM as a 120×60cm screen print and animation.
Poster — Ecological dys-appearance (2020)
Five colour silk screened visual essay, arguing that the notion of bodily dys-appearance could be applied to climate apathy.
Publication — The Book as Artifact (2021)
A small book about bookmaking, playing with different layers of the book making process.
Riso printed in flat gold and aqua.
16×24cm, 48 pages.
Publication, folder and poster — Verzetswandeling — Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam (2021)
An audio tour through Amsterdam, telling the history of the resistance in Filmtheater Kriterion. You can find the audio tour here. In addition, a small book containing all the texts have been published. Analogous to the Stolpersteine you encounter during walking, you will find them, too, in the text—forcing you to a hault in the middle of the story. Texts written by Anna Boogaard, Charley Spaan and Katalin Fikkert. Audio by Elmer Makkinga.
Booklet and flyer riso printed in medium blue and metallic gold.
A3 folded flyer and poster.
16×26cm, 32 pages, edition of 30. Available for free at Filmtheater Kriterion.
Publication — 069-227: walking every street in my hometown (2019)
In 069-227, I explore the relation with my home town by deciding to get to know all the streets. I systematically walked every street (a total of 278), taking pictures and writing down my thoughts. The streets are ordered alphabetically, my thoughts chronologically, creating new relations on the page.
11×16cm, 300 pages, edition of 1.
Publication — Re:representation (2021)
Re:representation offers a critical reply to The work of Representation by Stuart Hall (1997). Created together with María Rivero Gonzalez.
19×26cm, 48 pages, French folded and bound.
Publication — Exercise in not moving #1 — Jan-Pieter ’t Hart (2019)
Re-type a book in its entirety (ask yourself: am I interpreting or am I copying?)
This publication is a reinterpretation (or copy) of Walter Benjamin’s famous essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, reproduced on a partly broken keyboard. It is the first part in the series Exercises in not moving, a playful exploration of the fine line between meaning and meaninglessness, focus and routine, examined through repetitive and performative exercises.
11×19cm, 44 pages.
Publication — Staining (2021)
Small visual research into colors of home-made indicator food dyes and the discoloration when adding acid or alkaline to to the dyed fabrics.
11×19cm, 32 pages.